Tiny SliTaz

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Build your configuration from binary packages

[Step 1/5] Packages and Kernel

The file /etc/packages.conf in the initramfs holds all information to rebuild your Tiny SliTaz system. You should upload your /etc/packages.conf first if you only want to upgrade your system.

Packages configuration:

You can upload a tazpkg file (.tazpkg) or a tarball of tazpkg files (.tar). These packages will extend the official packages list and will be chosen when the package names are found to be matching. You can find some examples in the Tiny SliTaz repository.

Additional packages:

You can upload a custom Kernel or use an official one.

Custom kernel (bzImage file):

Tiny SliTaz goals

Useful software, expansible, easy to configure, runs fully in RAM, simple, light and fast for minimum hardware resources, i.e. fits on one floppy disk (IDE disk optional), runs on a 386SX processor and needs as little memory as possible (currently 4MB with a 2.6.14 Kernel). Example

Why this builder?

Tiny SliTaz should be as small as possible. Only the necessary software is kept. The package manager is run using this website.

How is it built?

The initramfs is based on uClibc and busybox with its config files and this filesystem tree. The selected packages, modules and configuration files are stored in this initramfs.